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ONLINE CLASSES (during the coronavirus pandemic) - during the pandemic, no registration is required.  Anyone is welcome on a drop-in basis.  Please see the "Class Schedule" page for more info and the Zoom link to join class.



PRICING STRUCTURE - I’m experimenting with a monthly enrollment model vs. 10-week sessions.  New pricing is $60/ month ($100 for 2 children over 8 months old).  This will be for an average of 4 classes/ month, though some will have 3 and some 5.  You can cancel at any time.  We will still do 10 weeks per CD, but less formally as the enrollment process goes.)


CD vs. MP3/ Streaming - I won’t be bringing CDs for everyone (nor am I charging for them).  I will email free mp3s instead.  And you can still order CDs or use your favorite streaming service.  For CDs or streaming, go to


Registering for class is simple:

1. Read the Class Policies.

2. Pay online below (please make drop-down selections and enter your child's name(s) before clicking "Subscribe"):

3. Fill out Class Registration Form below (don't forget to click "submit" at the end).


SIBLINGS:  Siblings under 8 months at enrollment time are free.  Older siblings are discounted (reflected in price already).

Prices below include weekly classes and mp3s.  If you prefer a CD or to use a streaming service you can go to  Lyrics, activity ideas, coloring pages, videos & more are online at  


Now a monthly subscription - see details above.

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