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Registration & Payment


CANDLER PARK LOCATION - I’ve decided to stop teaching my Candler Park classes!  I’ll miss seeing you guys, but Ms. Julia is an awesome teacher, and she will be teaching in Ormewood and is looking into a Candler Park/ Decatur location.  (I’ll try to stop in and visit or sub occasionally).  Please go to Ms. Julia's website at https://sites.google.com/site/tlgwithmsjulia/.  Also, please email her at julia.ey@gmail.com if you are interested, because she’ll need to assess interest to rent out a space for the Fall.  


PRICING STRUCTURE - I’m experimenting with a monthly enrollment model vs. 10-week sessions.  New pricing is $60/ month ($100 for 2 children over 8 months old).  This will be for an average of 4 classes/ month, though some will have 3 and some 5.  You can cancel at any time.  We will still do 10 weeks per CD, but less formally as the enrollment process goes.)


CD vs. MP3/ Streaming - I won’t be bringing CDs for everyone (nor am I charging for them).  I will email free mp3s instead.  And you can still order CDs or use your favorite streaming service.  For CDs or streaming, go to https://www.thelearninggroove.com/music-store.


Registering for class is simple:

1. Read the Class Policies.

2. Pay online below (please make drop-down selections and enter your child's name(s) before clicking "Subscribe"):

3. Fill out Class Registration Form below (don't forget to click "submit" at the end).


SIBLINGS:  Siblings under 8 months at enrollment time are free.  Older siblings are discounted (reflected in price already).

Prices below include weekly classes and mp3s.  If you prefer a CD or to use a streaming service you can go to https://www.thelearninggroove.com/music-store.  Lyrics, activity ideas, coloring pages, videos & more are online at www.thelearninggroove.com.  


Now a monthly subscription - see details above.